Kids have habits, they can be annoying. End of story. Well actually, just to clarify, both kids and their habits can be annoying. 9yo and 8yo have had habits which were frustrating, and sometimes we managed to get rid of them, only to have them replaced by other, equally as annoying habits. 9yo had 3 … Continue reading Habits

Just Say No

Don’t do it. Don’t get married and don’t have kids. Stay young and beautiful and naive and do what you want and don’t get grey hair and tired. Disclaimer: reading a book about cheating husbands whilst stuck in a broken down bus on the side of I5 with kids who won’t shut the fuck up … Continue reading Just Say No


So, call me crazy or whatevs but I have a sense of adventure and sometimes that means reading all fucking night – as in literally all night – or maybe just til 4am or writing until midnight or binge watching two seasons of GIRLS because they are seriously only 30 minutes each, or thereabouts. It’s … Continue reading Girls