The Crazies are Coming!

I just saw an old message from a past life, and now I have the heeby jeebies. He called himself “an old friend”, but at the end we were all but hissing at each other, and I hated myself for wasting so much of my time and emotion on him.
I thought my Facebook privacy settings were kosher, but that is probably an oxy moron. Regardless, blergh!
I hope my boys never get stuck with someone; I hope my boys never become people that other people get stuck with.
I hope my boys take risks and opportunities when they are young, so they don’t miss out on them when they are older, because these things are often not repeated in a form we can see.
I hope that people stop stalking on facebook, even though it means I won’t have anything to do.


Northern Exposure

Do you remember the show about a town in Alaska? I loved that show, and was so happy when Joel and Maggie finally got together. But then the show fizzled. One particular episode I remember was when Maggie found a letter to herself from her teenage self, and the teenage self appeared and Ed saw her/it, and the young Maggie was pissy with the old Maggie because she hadn’t achieved what she thought she would. What would my young self think about my old self?
My young self would not be fazed by the general state of mayhem that our house exists in, because my room was generally a bit of a pig sty.
I think a slightly older young self would be surprised that I have kids, because I didn’t always want them.
An even slightly older version of my young self would probably be surprised that I got married. For a while I was convinced that I would never marry, because the people I had been hanging around with were a bunch of assholes and I didn’t think that other people would be very different. Eventually I phased the assholes out, but still didn’t think there was a Mr Right for me. I also phased out the asshole who said my standards for Mr Right were impossible. In your face, asshole!
For a while, my younger self thought I’d be a teacher, but then I decided I didn’t like kids. Well, the teaching thing didn’t work out, but I don’t mind my own kids, most of the time.
I think my teenage self would be happy that I’m happy, and am still writing, and glad that I’m not hanging around with assholes. That’s the best part, really, at least until the boys are teenagers.