Burning Man

Burning Man is a festival of sorts in the desert that culminates in burning a giant effigy that I have no hope of ever attending.  I found out about it a year ago and then, when we were driving across !Murica! At Thanksgiving, I saw a sign for it! I was so excited. It was like the universe was sending me a sign. However, having a house, husband, kids and associated responsibilities precludes me from such nonsense for the forseeable future. I already get up to a few negligible shenanigans that people probably frown upon, so the answer is to make my own burning man. 

Yes, the dry season is winding down so when the grass in the backyard isn’t so spark-happy, I will invite some friends over and burn something made with bamboo, pinecones and shit from Husband’s burn pile.  It might not be so full-on as making a city from scratch in the middle of nowhere, but I have a plan and it promises well.