Kids have habits, they can be annoying. End of story. Well actually, just to clarify, both kids and their habits can be annoying.

9yo and 8yo have had habits which were frustrating, and sometimes we managed to get rid of them, only to have them replaced by other, equally as annoying habits. 9yo had 3 habits over 2 years, I think, whereas 8yo has had 3 over 1 year. We’ve managed to banish 2 of them but the current one is annoying and obvious and hard to kick. Going to say nothing about it in hopes that it will die an immediate death as all the childhood pros suggest.

But what of my habits? Kids aren’t the only ones who do things a) over and over again, and b) probably annoy the fuck out of their loved ones if not everyone around them.

I’m messy, and I don’t really care about that. I know for a fact that Husband is annoyed by this. However, I’m annoyed that he knew about it since the day we met and expected some sort of cataclysmic change during the course of these previous ten years. No

I’m busy. I’ve got shit to do and that’s a valid reason which contributes heavily to the reason above. I also don’t care about that. I know that laundry and untidy kitchens and messy playrooms will always always always be there, so I’m in no particular hurry to clear my busy schedule, see Exhibit “A”, to rectify the previous annoying habitual situation.

Exhibit “A”

Goldfish brain. I seem to remember things that happened a lifetime ago but cannot remember stuff from last month, last week, yesterday or why I walked into this room. V annoying

Stay up late reading and always tired and grumpy. This is annoying, well, the tired part is, not the reading part, obvs. 

Leave things til last minute. Standard. I procrastinate and have Exhibit “A” to distract me and make lists of other stuff, and stsy up late reading, so I put stuff off.

See Exhibit “A” again, I try to do too much. That may be optimistic though, not necessarily a bad habit.

Starting jobs or projects and not finishing them. Just going to leave this here.

However, when stuff doesn’t go my way, I don’t carry on and scream and mess up people’s lego creations because I can’t use my words, so there! I know you are but what am I? I’ll need more than luck to kick these badboys.


Helping Hands

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, including the tooth fairy. One would think that fairy wings and glitter or etc, would all but guarantee everything that needs to be guaranteed. But no. The tooth fairy has been late for teeth collection on several occasions in our house, sometimes on consecutive evenings. Very disappointing.
We hope to get her back on track by scheduling in advance, or at least giving her a heads up about teeth falling out in future. So 6yo trotted out a quick note, which I apparently neglected to photograph,

and it was posted today.

So let’s see how things go in future.