Green Eggs And Ham

10yo gave us a bit of grief about reading before he started pulling the all night reading benders *fist bump*. One of the things I had him do was read Green Eggs And Ham to 6yo who was widdle and potty training at the time. He would always, always poo when it was time to get the big kids off to school, or while we were driving or at school and no change tables etc. So I had the big kid read to him a bit before his usual-timed performance and the deal was, the book had to be finished before either of them could move.

It worked a treat because the littlest’s BMs became a far less inconvenient part of the leaving-for-school schedule AND, reading. Littlest started doing his own reading on the loo before long and today, four years later, he read Green Eggs And Ham to me. Granted I wasn’t powdering my nose but maybe that will give me a breather before school, if he reads to me in the throne room. Full circle!


My kids do Dr Seuss

Vix in socks
Socks on feet
Body under blanket
Pillow under head.

Feet out of bed
Blanket on floor
Pillow on floor
Head bang on bed.

Big and bang go hand in hand, sir.
Big and bang are my good friends, sir.

Pee on floor next to pot
When this pee on floor ever stop?

Quiet! Quiet!
Mom’s coming upstairs.
Blame the cat and the hat for the mess she repairs.

No more bangs!
No more feet!
You need you blanket!
You need your sleep!

Wine in bottle
Now wine in glass.
Sound back on TV and sofa under ass.