Feeding time at the zoo

Heading to the zoo with kids is always an adventure. Usually it involves driving long distance with complaints about the lack of movie options (3yo put coins in the DVD slot) and arguments about reading material and markers. But visiting friends interstate has merits beyond the obvious; there are more people to spread the wealth of childish behaviours among, whereby rendering said behaviour less destructive to a mother’s sanity and more cute and anecdote-worthy. Driving through the city on the way to the zoo, we pointed out various attractions and pretended they were listening to the answers they demanded for oft nonsensical questions. Of course, I had to wonder which enclosure would my children be most enthralled by, and which could I surreptitiously leave them in, Harry Potter style? And where would I fit in?
It wasn’t hard to identify with my animal self at all, he/she/it had the right idea.

I also identified my animal bestie.


It's a face mask!

We could do makeovers and each other’s hair.
The kids were a little harder to categorize because their behaviours can be so erratic, and personalities changeable depending on naps and snacks.
Obvious candidates includes:
Let’s the women/woman/Mother do all the food prep and eats when they feel like it, doing little else except laying around and complaining.
Getting into things up high and licking everything.
Nominating a lookout so peeps can get up to shennigans.
I wouldn’t compare my kids to snakes, so the score board says… Piranhas. Among other things, wiki says “They are known for their sharp teeth, powerful jaws and a voracious appetite”. Totes true for my kids. Eat everything, sharp little teeth, travel in packs, occasionally attack each other, can be found in places they aren’t meant to be, movies are often made about their terrorising behaviour, some people think they may be a misunderstood species (yeah, right), and have a legendary reputation. The list goes on. Of course, I could not, in good conscience, put the peeps that I personally made, inside a piranha tank, but the zoo thought about that for me.