The Answer is a Definitive “NO”.

Am I even listening? Am I remotely paying attention? No, no and no. Fuck.
I’m on a flight by myself and I have a trilogy of awesome books to read. I packed the first one in my usable carry-on bag and the other two in my stowable carry-on bag. But then the announcement at the boarding area about oversized carry-on items made me feel guilty because I have 2 gorgeous vintage luggage pieces


about the same size, so, one of them is really too big. Business pro Husband assured me I could take them both and I’ve seen that ep of seinfeld where that guy takes on all of his luggage rather than checking them, even the big ones because, well, @united, that’s why. But I checked the case through to my final at the last minute because I always want to do the right thing, and then I boarded with everyone else and stowed my pretty hatcase up top and pulled out my book in preparedness for flying and reading and quiet time because there appears to be no children on this flight, but I didn’t double check and now I have book two instead of book one. OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! Fuckety fuck fuck fuck. FUCK!


Am I Even Lifting Today, Bro?

Woke up and decided to stay in bed because today is “late start Wednesday”, but that doesnt apply to 4yo, so I had to get up eventually. And make lunches that I didn’t worry about last night. I thought about ignoring the gym today but I didnt know what clothes to wear to take 4yo to school, so I put on my workout gear because it’s easy, and then I might as well go to the gym since I look like it. I might as well also do some cardio, too, since there is still one piece of grand marnier and chocolate mousse cake left.
I should have just eaten it for breakfast and forgotten about it.
Damn it.