Normal is a wide range

You know it’s been one of those days or something, when you absentmindedly start to put the wine bottle away instead of just taking it with you outside. I am so tired tonight, from doing a whole lot of bugger all, that the red almost went in the glass cabinet, wt??
5.5yo is at camp this week in preparation for full time kindy. He loved it. 3.5yo was a bit under the weather, but seems almost back to sparing levels, and so will be at his new school tomorrow. 7yo has expressed an interest in visiting the art gallery, so that will hopefully be our pm appointment. That is on the proviso that I quickly change at the gym into gallery-appropriate clothes and eat a picnic lunch I prepare tonight so we don’t have to go home, because it would be a massive pain for me to ignore all the housework that has to be done by 8am wednesday morning. Putting shit away is really not my forte.
3.4yo is back at swimming lessons on his own, rather than with his brothers, and is almost back to his former level of glory, hooray! Boo, I can’t find a photo. But I do have this…


7yo made it to the next level in his swimming class, anf rock-climbing was the bribe/lure/reward. 3.5yo gave it a go last week when 5.5yo did his climb, so he managed to get a little bit higher this time.


I’m watching the last vestiges of the sun fade away before I go upstairs to tell everyone to shit the hail up.


And drinking my red. Everyone elected to sleep under their expensive beds tonight, and more fool me, I encouraged them to forego mattresses, so it sounds like there is a whole lot of bullshit going on right now.
Gulp. When is my bed time?

Some days are just blog posts waiting to be written

I went to Costco yesterday and dropped a financial crisis on groceries. Bloody hell! I only bought 2 books for the kids, none for myself, no clothes or bedding, no flowers or WINE, actually I did buy some plug in night light emergency flashlights that Husband has been wanting ever since we saw that crazy cartoon movie about the fish who turns into a girl and falls in love with another 6yo that has a bunch of celebrity voices (pongo? or something), but come on. I only bought (mostly) food, and none of it junk except for the frozen pizza. I suppose the 10lb bags of everything add up in more than just weight. Good grief.
While licking my wallet’s wounds, I had to call our insurance company as our car was rear-ended over the weekend (no injuries), and while our insurance agent is helpful, sometimes he takes bloody ages and I’ve got shit to do. “But Mummy, I wanted chocolate and an ice-cream” in tearful accusation from the back didn’t help, either. Then to the body shop for a repair estimate. Then get that bloody ice cream, which mostly went onto clothes and the seat belt (don’t tell my husband) and then I had to finish because “I’m dirty”, read adorable. And all that after going to the DMV. Actually the DMV was the easiest part, so easy in fact, that I laughed as we left and then danced in the car.
We were actually too early for school pick up, so I rang the other insurance company while my sodden mess fell asleep, and then the car battery died because someone had changed the light switch to ‘screw you’ from the more placid ‘auto shut off so your battery doesn’t have the life sucked out of it when you most need to arrive somewhere on time’ setting. So yeah. Turns out the AAA guy was the same guy who jumped Husband’s car a few weeks ago, so we had a lot to talk about. Oops, I forgot to congratulate the guy because he is about to propose. Good luck, big guy!
Something awesome that happened yesterday, is the fact that I remembered to put the esky (coolerrrrrr) in the car for the cold stuff with some freezer blocks. It saved the meat, yogurt, frozen peas, berries, soup, cheese, and pizzas from certain death, or rather my family, because we still would have had to eat it after that kind of investment.
Fast forward to dinner, and the boys ate what they’d been given without arguing about it – can I get some sunlight through the clouds and angels tooting the brass section – and no bullshit after bed time, so I’d earned that warmed croissant with melted chocolate rocks inside. Oooh baby. But the after glow was ruined by nips of apple cidar vinegar, boo. There will be no man cold while Husband is away, I will defend mine own with vitamin sachets and errrrrbal remedies, and I will prevail, if only so I can enjoy my wine and not be congested and embarrassed at the soiree I’m attending on Saturday night. There is no point wearing a pretty hat if people can’t take their eyes off my conspicuously tired eyes and leaking nose. Ahem.
In other news, 3yo is having his tonsils out next week, and that will be far worse if I am also under the weather.
But that was it, my bloggably forgettable day, that could have been worse but I would prefer it to have been better. I am not looking to beat the high score any time soon.