Oh, poo!

I have successfully partnered with 3 children to reach the competence of Toilet Trained. However, 3yo has regressed a little to the point where he won’t go to the bathroom without me. Hopefully, back at home from vacation, his own bed and our routine will accelerate him back to where he was. I also drew up a handy chart for reinforecment and encouragement.


In the mean time, I have composed this:

‘An Ode to the Commode’.

I don’t dance – I try but fail
to catch the tune;
I fall and flail.
But when my son is on the can,
it seems my bladder can’t refrain
from needing to void right then and there!
So I must move and swing my hair
to take my mind off the unending doom
of being alone with him in the bathroom.
I kick up my heels and swing my hips
to keep cries of desperation rising from my lips.
Because, you see, when he does a poo,
it just so happens I need to go, too.