Canna getta hella YES

It’s Friday and there have been 3 days of school and now we are bouncing around without knowing what to do, or being dissatisfied with our options. I may or may not have housework to do and perhaps I pine after my book or to finish that hat I’m working on. Inevitably,  there are interruptions if I do settle on something, and they are indicative of the life I lead…

Reasons Why I Rarely Ever Finish Anything:
* Someone needs to go to the bathroom but refuses to do so by themselves
* Someone has waited too late to go to the bathroom…
* Someone wants to help me clean up, therefore there is now twice as much to do after every act of cleaning
* Someone has stopped being interested in helping me clean up, so I need to start over
* I should put on the washing machine to wash while I do (insert repetitive task), therefore I need to gather, sort and convene all dirty clothes in the laundry
* Someone had an accident in their bed thay was not mentioned which I find while collecting dirty laundry upstairs
* Someone didn’t flush the toilet upstairs since last night. Cheese and rice, the stink! Open all windows and power clean upstairs bathroom
* Mini-clean all toilets since I have the gear in my hands now
* Do that load of laundry from 2 hours ago
* Go to the bathroom myself
* Interrupt constant bickering
* Sort through laundry in my own bedroom after walking towards the bathroom intent on a shower
* Tidy my wardrobe after putting away clothes
* Yell at someone to make their own bloody snack
* Admire handmade jewellery from 3 weeks ago, being thrust threw the open door while I shower
* Attempt nonchalant conversation with Husband while trying to hide the mess
* Give over in favour of wine.

I don’t usually have wine until dinner, but almost poured myself a glass after the school pick up. Nothing nonchalant about that!