Ways My Life Is Like a Soccer Game

Husband was watching the US v Portugal soccer game this afternoon, and the boys were jumping around on the couch being generally unhelpful. The similarities between the action here at home and the business onscreen were laughable enough to take notes.

* Lots of people running around in an overexcited manner;
*Injuries that are mostly exaggerated or fake;
* Time in half takes for-ev-errr; I just need this to be over already; when is bedtime?
* Bouncing things off heads and chests;
* Often kicking people instead of designated kicking items;
* Onlookers often in crazy outfits;
* Sometimes unfair refereeing;
* Yellow Cards (timeouts) and Red Cards (early bedtime);
* Cameras and phones everywhere to record all and sundry;
* People standing around holding their junk;
* Extra time for who ever cares, get in bed already;
* Exaggerated drama when things don’t go their way;
* People rehashing events of the day on social media after full time.