Every Day Feels Like Summer

…with you, when you’re stuck in an airport and the kids can watch Shaun The Sheep. Love that song!
We had a fun time with friends in Texas, cue the shenanigans.

And then it’s time for us to go and now our plane has been delayed twice. Deja vu. #italy

So here we are, chilling with full bellies from that delish Italian Wedding canned soup in the lounge. Mmmm, mysterious white beads and meat balls.

But frankly, I’m waiting for the next announcement that means the kids are missing another day of school. Last time, we got home at 4am, at least this time looks like maybe a midnight arrival at home, which isn’t the end of the world. It might be the end of my patience, though, and we’re out of the lounge so there’s no red wine just lying around. 

Yes, that was another announcement. Looking into alternative flights for the rest of the night, apparently. Next time I’m bringing a flask.