Of The Essence

There is never enough time, and if we had more of it, we’d probably try and do more so we’d end up with the same lack of it. I have the day off work, today, and there was a long list of cool shit I wanted to do, but there’s just not enough time for everything.

We didn’t end up going to the movies, which is a shame because tix were only a buck, but we’d seen it anyway AND we met this cool aussie guy randomly, which never happens. We made it to the coffee shop for df gf #bigwigdonuts, and then enrolled in the summer reading program at the library.


I feel you, buddy

Now I’m drinking white wine and baking shit, coz that’s how I roll.┬áLater this afternoon will be a different ballgame, though, since we need to tidy the house and that is sort of an undertaking. But I found some smores supplies, so bribes will help, and maybe we can have a campfire. No, actually it’s just marshmallows, but we can still campfire the shit out of them which the boys will enjoy.


domesticated as fuck

So even though there’s never enough time, today has been quality time, and I’m glad of that.


A Case Of The Boohoos

Last full day of school for the big boys today. 6yo had his end of year class party yesterday and it was fantastically fun, with lots of great activitiea. 8yo had his party at school with thoughtful readings, snacks and outside water games. I got teary a few times listening to what the students read aloud.
One of the boys loved a sport and his mum, and dreams of being married. 8yo said Minecrft a few times and has downgraded his future employment from “sientist” to minecraft player, but he described himself really nicely, so I will try hard to have mellow summer and not worry about the yelling.
We are at the beach for the 30th anniversary of The Goonies this weekend (Heeeeeeey Yoooooou Guuuuyyys); no school Monday for parent teacher conferences; half days on tuesday and Wednesday, and THAT’S IT! Three whole actual months of holidays. Holy shit! I will be boohooing more if my wine stash isn’t up to the task.