Today I am 39. 

I went out on the weekend and my friend danced me around and whooped and all that jazz when the DJ did the birthday shout outs. A guy and his gf “awww”ed and asked me how old I was, as though I was a widdle baby and how cute, OR as though I was Betty White and still sticking it to the man after all these years. I told him I was 39 but it might have sounded like 29. He might have thought I looked fucking old for 29 or he might have thought I was lying. Whatever, dude. 


Today I went off to the gym and came home to a surprise breakfast downtown, and then had a timely nap before work! Best morning ever?! Only there was 3 cakes at work for me today. Seriously. I brought one home and you wouldn’t believe how good it smells.

Home-made German Chocolate Cake

So it’s been a fine day, one that I’m appreciative of and thankful for. So much so, without sounding like a complete prat, that I’ve been stepping over occasional pennies on the street because I’m lucky enough, and someone else needs the idea of those pennies to help them along. I don’t need to hog all the good things, so I hope someone grabs those pennies and has cake, too.


Am I Even Lifting Today, Bro?

Woke up and decided to stay in bed because today is “late start Wednesday”, but that doesnt apply to 4yo, so I had to get up eventually. And make lunches that I didn’t worry about last night. I thought about ignoring the gym today but I didnt know what clothes to wear to take 4yo to school, so I put on my workout gear because it’s easy, and then I might as well go to the gym since I look like it. I might as well also do some cardio, too, since there is still one piece of grand marnier and chocolate mousse cake left.
I should have just eaten it for breakfast and forgotten about it.
Damn it.