Why Is It Always Me

I could have said “turn off the tv and let’s get to work” instead of losing my shit. But honestly, after taking the kids to a concert they wanted to see and people sleeping in, I don’t think it’s about them being tired. I slept in, I don’t feel tired.

We were gardening until it was just me because “this is hard work” and boo friggedy hoo and similar excuses.

It’s not just me. Of course, it’s partly me but I’m not a slave. It’s not my job to keep the house super tidy. We all make a mess, we’re all busy, we all clean it up. I’ve got fun ideas but if people are just laying around then they can piss up a rope if they think I’m doing all the prep and they get all the fun. I’m a person, not a pack-horse. I’m also a raving lunatic but guess who made me that way.


A Little Bit Less

It’s summer holidays in just a few days but I’m thinking about Christmas presents already. Organised, or crazy? Probably both, but both have merit. I have a long list of people I like to send gifts to, many of which are sent overseas. Of course, I buy the most things for my own crazy offspring, but this year and from now on, they will be getting less. The less started last year, with less “filler presents”, but over the coming holidays, the boys agreed to writing letters to Santa to ask him to give their gifts to kids who “don’t have enough”. It took less convincing than I thought it would, and received the same amount of whinging as I thought it would, but we are in agreeance. No more presents from Santa.
We have a shit ton of toys in our house, and half of it doesn’t get used often, so that will be a project in itself, but not getting stuff from Santa will help with not piling up the clutter, but also, hopefully, with thankfulness etc. I am sorry to say that there are still things in the loungeroom that have not been used or touched since Christmas. That is what I want to avoid moving forward.
The same applies to birthday parties, at least for the 2 big boys. We have kick ass parties at home, and ask friends not to bring a gift. Getting presents rocks, but can certainly be over the top when you invite the whole class.
The same applies to me, too. Mum was right – I really do want “just good kids”.