Bearded Lady

The other day I was the bearded lady. Not because I was going a la naturale or forgot to wax my raging lady mo, but because I drew a beard and stuck on a mo.

There was a competition to dress as your fave rockNroller at the local skating rink; too bad no other bastard dressed up. Anyhoo,  I rocked the facial hair and also the double-takes. There were plenty of both.

It’s funny the looks I received – obvs some weird looks from ‘ophobes of some kind or another, but also some ahem looks from ladies interested in my action. I don’t normally get that much interest.

It was fun to hide behind a different face and I think the same applies to other aspects of life – but it boils down to taking chances and trying something new. I’m not going to stop waxing but I can rest assured that if I do, I’ve got options.