Minty Freshness

My boys regularly make messes, no surprises there. There are various ways to clean up said messes, not limited to using tea towels, hand towels, napkins or bath towels. We don’t have tissues or hand towels and haven’t for a year or thereabouts, and sometimes the boys don’t know what I mean if I tell them to grab some paper.
This morning 6yo squeezed the toothpaste too much, because they really do only need a teeny tiny smidge of that stuff. I didn’t want it on cloth towels and they were all waving it around and it was surely only a matter of time before it smeared in eyes or on cupboards. Sigh. “Wipe it off on some toilet paper” I said. And that is what someone did. I didn’t specify – and they didn’t extrapolate – exactly what that process should have entailed.
I just went to the bathroom before coming to the gym… this will be an interesting work out.