All The Things

This week was all the things, including all the feels. I had the week off work since Husband is living it up in the Swiss Alps or etc. Nothing more I appreciate than that my office is understanding about child care!

This week was the absolute best, and not because Husband was absent, but I wouldn’t have been home if he was here, so, draw your own conclusions. I had been looking forward to this week for the last month and let me tell you, parenting paid dividends, this time.

I, of course, had high expectations of everything we would do and we haven’t achieved all of them, but we’ve had the best week, and I didn’t even drink! Here is a rundown:

Monday: hot AF, park, bike riding, skaty bowl, treasure-hunting at goodwill

Tuesday: skaty bowl with friends, other skaty bowl

Wednesday: gorgeous weather, #makemusicday, #makemusicsalem, saw friends, saw #salemsown #therealkyloren as well (he’s had a haircut and looks hotter than ever), saw all our fave bands, frozen yogurt, park, skootering and skateboarding

Thursday: park, scootering, skateboarding, playing in the river, kids art studio, trendy cafe where kids tried new food and didn’t embarrass me

Friday: played wii games with the boys (wii-athon that did not turn into a pissing match, haha!),  trendy cafe again for gf donut holes and we read books quietly, kids art studio. 

I’ve even managed to wash some clothes and have the boys put them away, shock horror [insert licture of laundry – is there an emoji for that, yet??]; last night we had afternoon tea for dinner; the boys have mostly cleaned up that fucking mess of a room where the goddamn lego was fucking everywhere including under and around their expensive bloody instruments. Wonders, people, wonders, never, cease.

Other things I have enjoyed without interference from getting ready for work or being at work or driving to and from work include: sleeping in, wearing skirts, reading til all hours (I do this anyway but it was better this week), relaxed kids, not driving to school, self-directed reading, boys being excited about summer projects, baking, life lessons like patience and making mistakes, and so many other things that I’ve forgotten because I was living in the moment.

Husband will be home tomorrow night and he’s excited to be home because I do all the fun stuff. Thing is, though, I’m back at work next week so the un stuff goes out the window and I’ll be grumpy and poo-bootsy again for being stuck indoors and not on vacation for 3 straight months. That’s where the drinking starts again, I guess. 


Sunday Morning

So easy – I’m hankering for summer holidays. Just a week and a bit to go. I can’t wait for sleeping in and episodes of The Lord Of The Flies in the backyard. We have a few weekend trips planned over the next few months but nothing on the scale of #scotland or fucking #italy, and so backyard shenanigans are practically guaranteed. We do have a wedding in San Francisco – fingers crossed for positive shenanigans only.

Shenanigans aside, our summer is going to be the shit. This time last year, however, I had lots of fun things planned whereas this year I have precisely dick planned. I’m expecting similar results, though. Maybe I’ll think up themed day activities, rather than weeks.
We certainly aren’t having successful gardening camp this year – I’ve used up all my time writing rather than weeding or seeding or mowing or plowing or anything, so it might be a jungle camp if anything. The grass is literally as high as 7yo in places.
We could give the hideout another going over, and possibly the “paths” on the hill, but it might just be dragging the kids around to the gym and then bike riding and then who knows what else every other day during those deliciously hot weeks.
I’m trying not to think aloud about these things because Husband merely points out opportunities for finishing things I started many moons ago that I may or may not be interested in continuing. He might term such a thing Flotsam and Jetsam Camp. While he would no doubt love it, I’m not sure the kids would be as enthusiastic. Planned activities would include clearing paperwork from various surfaces, a good amount of shredding said paperwork, weeding, deconstructing the backyard fort, planting seedlings and weedlings in various states of rooting that have languished on the bathroom window sill for I’m not going to mention how long, updating the chicken accommodations, and opening cans of whoop-ass on the encroaching blackberries. At the very least, all of the above might very well improve the curb appeal of the house and Husband LOVES watching things change on Zillow. Maybe there would be an econonics camp in there somewhere, too.