It’s Oscar Night

I don’t remember ever being able to, or wanting to, watch the oscars live. But with my throat about to implode and my head wanting to get in on that action, there is nothing else for me to do. There is nothing else on tv, and with kids running around I can’t watch any of my dvr’ed shows until after bed time. So I have gulped down my ice cream, because its good for my throat, and I have my honey and lemon, so I will probably sit on the couch for the next 6 hours.
There is an ad on now for whitening (bleaching) teeth. Yesterday I used a strawberry mixed with baking soda, because (I’m gullible) I read an article about the acid in strawberries being good for de-staining. Is that a word? Anyhoo, I don’t know if it was merely the baking soda, but my teeth did look clean and perhaps a bit whiter. But my gums weren’t on fire, and my teeth weren’t sensitive like they have been in the past after using whitening strips.

Look at those pearly whites!
The next ad is for a shampoo brand, hashtag want that hair. Hashtag, I have that hair but without the chemicals. It has been 2 years since I last used commercial shampoo, and my hair is the most beautiful it has ever been in my life. So soft, shiny and clean, and since my hairdresser showed me how to style it, I love it. Take that, hashtag!

Now back to the red carpet.

!So tell us, who are you wearing! Well, I found this pretty dress at a vintage store in Seattle, and I don’t remember if it even has a tag. I do know that it isn’t lined, and I was sitting on the petticoat netting all during the evening. My personal assistant decided against any form of shape wear, partly due to time constraints, also to body constraints, and finally because of the possibility of the netting getting caught against the fabric of the butt-huggers, so… those legs? All me, baby!
Oooh! Kathryn Heigel just came on tv, haha! Speaking of, where is she these days? Besides vapor rub ads? I loved her in 27 Dresses, that is Husband’s fave movie.
Back to the red carpet, and my fave dress is, Bette Midler’s. Usually I like a Gown, but I didn’t really see any. Perhaps there were plenty but I was distracted by the older pair of boobs hanging hither, thither and everywhere with minimal black draping behind Ryan Seacrest. Erm, no thank you.
Cut to post bed time, and Husband and I are ready for our dvr’ed shows.
Good luck to all the nominees, but I was the real winner on the night.