Ways my life is like a Weezer song

Everybody Get Dangerous – 7yo is obsessed with ninjas right now and is always asking crazy questions about ninjas and hummers and the like, and then these lyrics:
“What will we say when our kids come to us
And ask, with a smile on their face,
“Hey Dad, my friend’s got some new ninja swords!
Is it cool if we slash up his place?”

Sweater Song

Sweeny – totes relevant in the book I’m writing/procrastinating over
Lonely Girl – in my book

Eulogy for a rock band – RIP David Bowie
Foolish Father – applies to any and all parents
Island In The Sun – That was one of our wedding songs. We got married on Shark Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour. The only thing missing was being stoned as hell.

There are probably more but the boys are home from school now so I can’t just watch music clips all day anymore 😧