Will He or Won’t He?

I simply had to get a zip so I could keep working on my sewing, even though I knew it was the wrong time to go. We had been going strong all day long, with occasional breaks for food and whinging, and then I just let them play since they were not play-fighting, and I finally had a few minutes to get some sewing done. Then I came to the point where you need the zip before you can go any further, so I bribed them into the car with a cookie and, of course, 4yo fell asleep somewhere along the road.
I unbuckled him and carried him around while we got the zip/s and a couple of extra bird houses – #gardeningcamp; I rested him on the counter while I paid; I walked back to the car and then buckled him in his carseat; I deposited him on the couch when we got home, and I carried him upstairs to bed a hour or so later, and he stayed asleep the whole time. Quiet and therefore adorability multiplied. However, the rest of the night can go one of many ways…

* He wakes up as I am putting the other boys to bed.
* He wakes up just when I have come back downstairs from putting the other boys to bed.
* I decide to take a break from sewing and watch a gratuitous movie that he walks out during.
* He wakes up just as I am ready for bed.
* He wakes up just as I am ready for bed after staying up really, really late
* He wakes up really, really early
* He wakes up really, really early after I have stayed up really, really late.
* He wakes up at normal time but I am still really tired, because, parenthood.

Wine is the answer.