Waiting, waiting, waiting

Husband bought the wrong type of cement.
I put a garden stake near the front of the regal front door of Toad Hall, angled to include the nesting boxes.
Husband filled the accessible opening of tunnels, could be a new foundation for the place!
I found that missing golf ball behind Toad Hall. Husband insists the thieving bastard/s are raccoons, I assumed it would be weasels. He also insists that nothing would be living under there, merely going under and around and around every single night, scaring the beJAYsus out of my birds and touching everything with their grubbly little *dexterous* fingers. Blergh! I need a shower.
I can hardly wait to get out there see what if anything has gone on out there, and see what is on the trail camera memory card besides bad viewing angles under my chin.


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