Holding hands

Husband often leaves things to the last minute, as in – the night before he flies out very early in the morning and he wants to go to bed in 15 minutes and he needs to wash certain clothes because they aren’t clean – last minute. Thankfully we are not leaving for the wedding in the next hour, there is one week until we leave, but husband still needed scheduling from me to go and buy his sharp threads for his brother’s big occasion. Taking all the boys and his wife was also my idea, and while it was not a fun morning for anyone, Husband did get the threads required and we all need a dose of reality, sometimes.
Of course, boys received a stern talking-to (a number of times, actually) on the drive home and 6.5yo was the only one protesting naps on the grounds that he hadn’t been quite as bad as the others. What. Everrrrr. Husband took the nearlies upstairs and I indulged 6.5yo in my bed so he didn’t think of weaseling (!!) his way out of the nap again. *tear-jerker alert* And we fell asleep holding hands.
When I was pregnant w nearly 3yo, nearly 5yo was 2 and would nap in his bed. 6.5yo was 3.5 and stopped napping. At first that was not sooo bad, as I would let the tv babysit him while I napped on the couch beside him. That stopped working when Husband would stomp into the house and (loudly) whisper about something not important enough to risk waking the pregnant woman. I started taking him to nap in the basement bedroom (note: it was not such a dungeon as it sounds) so Husband could make loud noises indiscriminately, but he wouldn’t nap unless I stayed with him – and that was fine, until Husband kept dancing a bloody jig in the kitchen at nap time every, bloody, day. Anyhoo, for the whole nap charade to work, was-then-3.5yo had to see you sleeping or he wouldn’t follow suit, and so I had to give up sneaking looks at his angelic form and just go to sleep *snore*. No problem there! Part of the way to get him to settle down for sleep was to hold his little hand, which was an amazing experience to have everyday after a sometimes-tough morning with only preschoolers for company. I wonder if that will fly as the boys get older? Nearly 5yo does not hold my hand on the odd occasion that we nap together, and nearly 3yo is already protesting about the amount of hugs and kisses that I need, boo.


2 thoughts on “Holding hands

  1. Amanda McKinn says:

    Dont tell my husband..but I adore it when my nearly 3yo wakes in the night and his only comfort is to climb in bed with me to hold my hand and stroke my face until he falls back to sleep. Love. ..so not wanting this to ever stop 🙂

    • mjlally2nd says:

      Neither of us can stand sleeping in the same bed as nearly 3yo, but sleeping w the big boys is ok as they tend not to kick us in the groin anymore (ha ha ha!). Thankfully, people do not wake during the night anymore, but that is so precious!

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