Packing again

Today is the penultimate day for packing, and I am half done! Well, maybe a quarter done. Our internet is not working so I cannot print off my super detailed list of things to pack, so I have been writing things down willy-nilly, and the boys were excited to pack their own clothes.
We are hiring a camper van and the company charges extra for bedding, plates and cutlery, can you believe it? Hail no. We have a thousand suitcase allowance so we are bringing our own, stuffed into an extra. Now I feel justified buying every kid-sized sleeping bag that I could find over the past two years! The weather is meant to be pretty nice, so I am going to take mostly dresses for myself. I am only taking those sweet new shoes for dressing up, but I will cram as many hats in my hat case as physically possible.
We had one heck of a busy morning and now that nearly 3yo is napping and the big boys are in front of the box, I can put my feet up and do what I do best – procrastinate. I will be hanging most of my clothes in the suit bag with Husband’s suit for the wedding, so I don’t feel like there is much more I can do right now, and not having my list makes me pretty much powerless to continue. Obviously I can’t pack toiletries until tomorrow night, and cleaning up is a loser’s game until after the boys are bedded down for the night.
We watched Lilo and Stitch in the interim but nearly 5yo turned off the receiver before we saw the ending. It turned out to be a little bit of a tearjerker. 6.5yo doesn’t like movies (even animated ones) that have people as the main characters, or even remotely bad guys, so he did not watch for long with us. And now that Husband has finished work for the day, I can access my almighty list. But wait, he has jetted off for some Husband time and the rest of us are a bit lackadaisical in our pursuits, but there is so much to be done. 6.5yo is heading out to the vege garden (after he makes almighty noises in the kitchen, wth is he doing in there??) to investigate and that will probably draw me in to planting more potatoes. Nearly 5yo is apparently going with him (off you go!) so that will need supervision regardless, and nearly 3yo refuses to do anything without me, so I can’t achieve much except a myriad of trips to and from the fridge and pantry. Ho hum. *this just in* I feel a sense of foreboding – impending doom lurks in my near future in the shape of something small and squishy, egad. That is only stalling this whole packing caper even longer – I can’t take my eyes off him for even a minute, so I can rush him off to the bathroom and reward him for my aversion to dirty laundry. Just once I think I would like to get a new pair of shoes for “dropping the kids off at the pool” as a friend once said. Maybe I will do that when we arrive somewhere exotic, I think there are leather products galore! I’m sure I can remember to pack myself a small empty case to bring home all of my special rewards, I will put that on the list right now!


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