A House in the Country

Husband and I got all domestic in the beginning (way waaaaay back in the day) and loved watching real estate shows (you know you’re old when…). There was one about giving away your lot in the big smoke and moving to the country, buying or building or what have you, and living in a small town/village or out further in the country, and the host would come back a year later and see how you had settled. The host was welsh and he had a particular way of saying “… In the cunn-rey”. Husband and I still use the line today, because we have moved progressively further away from our life in Sydney, where we would get (out of pajamas) dressed in our trendy corporate clothes and head into the city everyday. Oh! The pretty shoes and uber fashionable hairstyles. And now I have to remind myself to check for breakfast on my (own) children’s faces before getting out of the car for school.
We don’t have one of the beautiful stone and oversized timber beam houses, we don’t have fields of lavender blooming on our property, but we do have deer, ground squirrels, raccoons and various predators. We also have mice, and nothing says you live in the country quite like finding a nest full of mice in your barbecue. Cue the vom voms. There were 3 of them scurrying around with their beady little nightmarish black eyes, and eventually they scurried away while Husband burned the nest and disposed of it, but we can’t use the grill now until after some heavy duty cleaning. Blergh. I’m guessing some peroxide might do the job, but we won’t be able to enclose the bbq, so, yeah. If the eagles and hawks circling around would come a little lower, they might find a king’s ransom of scurrying appetisers, then they wouldn’t need to wait and see if and when my chickens stray from underneath the hawk netting, dag nam it!


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