Smash ’em!

I heard about the Roller Derby tournament and thought it would be awesome to watch, but maybe the boys would like it as well. What’s not to love about adults smashing each other? I thought it would be like hockey, sans sticks. It wasn’t quite like that but the boys were excited to go and were excited to watch for the first 5 minutes. Then the inevitable trip to the toilets seemed to take half a fucking hour, because the facilities were down the corridor and the 2 were separate, so the big boys waited while I took nearly 3yo, then it was our turn to wait while the big boys went into the men’s room even further down the corridor. ‘Twas the perfect time for 6.5yo to let go what he had apparently been holding back all day, “but I didn’t need to go at school” and “it was in for a long time so it took a long time to come out” etc. And then we needed snacks. And then we ate the snacks and wanted more. No! Can’t we just sit and watch the action, for pity’s sake?! Pity me.
6.5yo did love watching the action, but the other 2 became restless and then 6.5yo had to join in on the stair and chair climbing. Various time-outs and threats later. Nearly 3yo can’t contain himself and runs to the other side of the arena along the chairs. Cue the steaming ears.
We managed to watch for a little while longer, but I don’t think I got my moneys worth. Barring cabin fever we will be staying home today, but I would love to go again, either sans kids or at a better time when I have a full arsenal of snacks/drinks/flags/noisemakers/I can’t imagine what else.


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