I just reached my full potential, Ninjago-style

I am big on making shit, even though I am sometimes shit at making it. Halloween costumes are new to us, obviously, but we have been wearing them for longer than we have not, I think. I don’t want to spend (much) money on costumes that (are tacky) will be grown out of quickly. I also prefer a bit of creativity in those things, so while last year I did buy some crummy commercial things for the big boys, I embellished was then nearly 2yo’s cowboy chaps with a tea towel around his neck, making him the cutest cowboy in our neck of the woods.
This year 6.5yo wants to be a policeman, easy. We found a police hat in a party store (cheating) but the actual outfit will just be clothes from home. 5yo wants to be the Golden Ninja, and nearly 3yo has chosen Cole, the black-robed ninja. Between my martinis and soap operas, I went and bought some super flammable golden fabric and proceeded to outdo myself. I’ve used pajamas as the pattern, basically just drawing around them. I might have cut them a little too close, but I have added a little extra fabric on the sides of the pants and those extra seams really add to the secret lines of ninja power, or something. 5yo is also on the ‘super slim’ side of healthy, so cutting it close won’t make a lick of difference, I suspect. Organising nearly 3yo into a Cole costume should be just as easy.
We went to Goodwill this afternoon, actually, I should have looked around for a black tracksuit, but I forgot. I was too intent on finding a wedding dress for my sashay in The Color Vibe run on the weekend. Anyhoo, I think I will be able to sew white lines onto a black sweater and make it look like a karate/spinjitsu robe pretty easily. On the other hand, I could put him in the teeny black tails tuxedo we happen to have lying around and then get a belt and hopefully he will believe it.
Weather allowing, Husband and I will be Mr and Mrs Lego (mental note: get painting!!), weather not permitting then we might not end up going, wah! But there are 2 parties we are going to, and I like the idea of a sugar skull lady for one and something undead for the other, deets TBA.


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