It is common knowledge that 2yos are terrible. It is less commonly known – until you have one – that 3yos are worse. Nearly 3yo is not 3 for another 5 weeks, but geez, what an asshole he is already. Sometimes it is cute to see him throw a doozy, but that was before he started planking in the car to avoid seat belts,  and scratching and pinching and grabbing and twisting people’s faces! ‘Sup with that?!
I have heard that teenagers can literally grow overnight which might partly explain why they may or may not be assholes. I have to assume that nearly 3yo’s brain is making connections like never before and throwing itself into overdrive or something, because I have come to expect steam to shoot out of his ears or fire to explode out of his mouth. Kid has been a train wreck a number of times these past few days.
I find it hard to remember minutia of what the other boys have gone through at different stages, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t pull this shit.
Nope,  I can’t find articles about 3yo brain development and tantrums. I’m sure they’re there, but my 34yo brain is a little preoccupied with wine, now that the boys are in bed.


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