A Titillating Evening

We have received tickets to a show in Portland, and are driving there now.
But, of course, we are later than we would have liked because our sitter tonight is a friend so I really wanted to linger and chat, but had to pfaff about with safety pins and my dress, then try not to throw my child on the floor when it was time to leave because the adorable widdle sausage was tired, cuddly and clingy. There is a crazy thick fog about, which makes driving on the highway a little more hair raising than usual, and that is also making us a bit slow.
Husband had a skin procedure near his eye yesterday, and was standing around all day today, so he is a little puffy right now. Some might say puffy to the point of swollen, a round with the champ swollen, even.
Combine the bar room brawler with my chesty dress, this will make for an interesting evening. If we were in a Clint Eastwood movie, then this evening would get really interesting, really fast. But I think it more likely that we will sip water and get take out from Burgerville on the way home -type interesting. Because thats how we roll sometimes.


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