My parents have left/are leaving/are going to leave (have you left yet?), I’m pretty sure they left yesterday, for a holiday in New Zealand. I don’t think they have had a long holiday for a while. They visit my sister interstate occasionally, and do mini breaks as well. And they did visit us over Christmas a few years ago, so actually, they seem to have it pretty dang good. But I digress. They are on holidays, as of… now. They are going to rent a campervan and drive around the south island for 10 days or thereabouts. Husband and I did exactly the same thing for our honeymoon, coming up to 8 years ago, oh how things have changed in that time. Mum and Dad drove to the coast for their honeymoon, 36 or 37 years ago, and actually, it is their wedding anniversary…now. Happy Anniversary you two! xoxo
It sounds like Mum and Dad will be going to many of the same places we visited, like the glacier, Milford Sound, perhaps the hot springs, Queenstown and a few other places along the way.
When Husband and I holidayed there, there were no guard rails, but lots of sheer drops beside the road. There were no billboards, and plenty of sheep. I can only assume there is much of the same there now. I bought a scrap book at the airport just before we flew out, so I could record funny anecdotes for posterity. Let me grab it to jog my memory, because babies have erased much of my memories and high-functioning brain cells.

We drove to Hamner Springs, but I don’t think Mum and Dad are going there.

We pulled over on the first night, and it turned out that we were within walking distance to a bit of a drop off.

Mum and Dad better watch where they are going!

We went to the Franz Josef glacier, and found a great campsite. While we were there, one of the camp staff told us that the mountain and glacier were usually completely covered in fog, but there were exceptional views on that day. And being on the glacier, was so amazing! Husband wore shorts, totes whatevs.

I think Mum and Dad are going to the Fox glacier. I hope they are more organised than we were, because we got the last 2 places of a tour on a day that was otherwise completely booked. Also, I hadn’t charged our camera, so was buying disposables everywhere.
The next day we made it to Queenstown, and had the luxury of hotel showers, carpet and bedding.


I don’t think Mum and Dad are going to stay in a hotel, they might be a bit senile.
After kayaking, fish and chips and walking around the town, we left and found a charging adaptor for the camera.

We did our own Lord of the Rings tour…

…I wonder if Mum and Dad will do an actual tour, I know they love the movies. They might even get adventurous and (ew, put it out of your mind) sleep under the stars.
Then we went to Milford Sound, and I know my folks will be impressed by the Homer Tunnel.

The next day, Husband said he would go for a swim. Well, that turned out differently than he thought, as he bloody well nearly got frost bite on his toes after walking over the uber shallow tidal area, before legging it back to the van. He said it was almost 2 hours before he could properly feel his toes again. He had a better time in Invercargill.


We did a tour of the Speights Brewery, which I’m sure Mum and Dad won’t miss, and then we stayed in Larnach Castle. I think Mum and Dad are going there, too.
After that, we went horse riding on the beach, which was more like The Village People after a heavy night out, rather than the romantic interlude we joked about when we first met.


We did a few other towns, and that was it. It was the best 10 days imaginable, and we certainly hope to retrace our steps with the boys one day, because 2 weeks in a campervan with kids is the best way to preserve happy memories.


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