So, I have written the 4th, I think, letter as part of the Month of Letters dealio and am doing a fine job of a little bit interesting without too much personal detail that could be sold to an identity thief, or even just a Joe on the street with a modem (do the kids even have modems these days?). But really, people could probably find out stuff about me without trying too hard. I googled myself and found quite a bit.
I have provided my name and address on the envelope in the spirit of good faith, and with that they could see a map of my house, comments I’ve made on other blogs or facebookers, people I know or may know or may live with, and my previous address/es. If they pay a bit of money they could probably find my drivers license or arrest record, and if the shows on television are anything to go by, and I’m sure they are, they could find my registered vehicles and probably where my kids go to school. And therefore who elses kids they attend with, then find the parents online as well, then my details by association. What the hey, people? Have they no legitimate past times to keep them occupied? Puh-lease, get a life.
I like to think none of the above, and that they will take 2 minutes out of their busy day to read my letter, chuckle over what constitutes humour and think about whatever I’ve written, then mention it to a handful of people who may or may not mention it to another handful of people. And in one of those 5 handfuls, maybe someone will have time to do something similar, or think of someone else who would enjoy doing it. So I won’t write about the pile of doggy do-do I drove through today (that was in the middle of a car park, good grief), or the tea and crackers spilt on the floor of the backseat of the car, or what Husband would say if he knew about it, because that stuff would put someone off. That stuff is not newsworthy. I will stick to the “just put my kids to bed” pick up line, or the “have you been watching much of the olympics?” catch phrase, because that stuff is gold. I know they’ll want a second date with this pen pal after that, at which point I will have to come up with some new material.


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