Blasting off

I was super excited when I found out we would visit NASA on our holiday, and a little disappointed that the boys were a bit ‘meh’. I tried to ramp them up about it a few times to keep the merriment going, but legos would intrude.
Anyhoo, finally it was the day to drive on out there and, of course, it took bloody ages to get organized. Shits me. Turns out that one of the boys doesn’t want to go to NASA (wtf?), another doesn’t want to bring his awesome Christmas present camera, and I forgot shirts for the other. And underpants for 3yo. Sounds like a legit excuse to buy NASA merch.

The place was a bit of a ghost town, and there were huge tanks of liquid nitrogen everywhere, like propane. It was windy and freezing on the train/bus, and while we got to look at cool things, there weren’t any technicians working or double agents trying to steal secrets, which was a bit of a let down.
There was an awesome video to watch while we waited in the corralling area but the boys weren’t really paying attention.

Afterwards we were starving, as expected, so Husband bought food for all, but I got frowned on when I ate what I thought was my share. Dammit. Husband buys food for the kids but makes us share a small amount of food, he should know better.
There was an awesome kids area with experiments and a remote control buggy like the Mars Rover, and also a slide, which may or may not have been an exhibit about centrifugal force or whatever. I found it to be a great example of the forces of friction, as I frictioned off some skin on my knee while testing said forces. I knew it was a bad idea but 3yo would not hear of my pleas to sit this one out. He is one demanding little shite sometimes. I will honestly say it was all worth it if only he becomes an astronaught.


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