Husband is as bad as they are

Before I get carried away with Cyclone Birthday Party, I just want to finish with the writings from our vacation.
On one of the last days, Husband was hamming it up with his cousin and discussing how awesomely athletic 5yo is. It is true, that 5yo can conquer any sport in 5 minutes – his natural abilitiy boggles the mind, considering he is a yard or so of flesh wrapped around some toothpicks and a bony little botty.
But that is no reason to break the rules and allow ball sports in the house. Especially golf! Encouraging 5yo to play golf in the house is a recipe for disaster, and invitation for future catastrophies, too. Sure he is awesome, but really? And he golfed with a fucking marble right toward my face.
I punched husband – but only on the arm – and he didn’t know why. Ass clown.
Rant over.


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