Colour Blind

It is merely a coincidence, because I have really only noticed it retrospectively, that I have gone threw colour phases with my wardrobe. I suppose this is not news to people – there are trends constantly doing this, that or who cares, but I don’t follow trends, and I don’t shop very much or even, shock! horror!, in trendy stores. I have found my colour phases – or trends, for anyone who wants to get on board – have spanned years rather than seasons, but I’m not sure how many years or what life events they have coincided with.
For a while, probably 15 years ago, EGAD, I was in a blue phase. I found these gorgeous blue suede shoes (literally!) one winter, and then a matching bag (complete waste of money), and I know there was a blue cardigan in there somewhere, and I’m pretty sure an awesome pair of blue pants, too. I can only hope that I didn’t wear them together, but I can’t remember.
Later, there was the green phase. It started around the time of our wedding, I think. I bought a very cute green leather bag. I don’t recall green shoes, but there was a green corduroy jacket, woollen scarf, leafy-patterned skirt and a handful of other stuff. It just seems that whenever something catches my eye, it is the same colour all the time.
Right now I am in a red and/or pink phase. It started about 4 years ago, I think. First I had a red leather bag, rectangular, long straps, beautiful; next a pink bag, shorter straps, rounded corners but still rectangular, zips galore, very cute. Next: 2 pairs of red pants, red hat, red shoes – nose bleed section tall, a couple of red/pink/orange patterned blouses, and again, every other thing that catches my eye is red or pink.
I can probably correlate some life events with my colour choices, but it’s all hearsay at this late stage.
Blue phase – a bit depressed from long term relationship with the wrong guy.
Green phase – I was envious of myself as I was so bloody happy after finally meeting the right guy.
Red/Pink phase – I have kids therefore I see red; pink is the colour of love, or of my kids’ faces when I hug them too long.
I have a white/off white/cream/ivory/beige bag right now. I hope it does not turn into a new trend for me, because that colour palette just invites disaster, and even though the animals at Yellowstone were only taking the air, I don’t want to add to the tension. Also, I think my caboose looks enormous in white.


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