Twiddling thumbs/Steepling fingers

Usually I schedule my days from dawn til dusk, but today, on my day off (all the boys are in school today) I have nothing to do and no idea how to do it.
I should be catching up on housework, or enjoying time in the garden. I could have gone to a movie. But I did none of those things and have instead, done an errand or two, but mostly twiddled my thumbs.
I could say I’ve wasted my day, but really, having nothing to do is a nice change. No bums to wipe except my own; no arguments to quieten except the one in my head about what to do with myself. Of course, there’s always shopping, but the vintage shops are closed Mondays as are most of the antique stores.
I will have to come up with a plan for my next day off so I don’t waste the day again. Let me mull it over in this peace and quiet.



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