Butter Oil

A little while ago, I noticed 5yo’s teeth didn’t look as white as before, and certainly not as white as his brothers’ pearly whites. There was yellow creeping up on a lot of his teeth. Apart from not looking fantastic, it’s disappointing because we don’t eat a lot of candy and we don’t drink any soda. Admittedly, he doesn’t eat as many fresh veges as 7yo, so there are greater amounts of vitamins and minerals that he is missing out on because he is obstinate, but he is just as conscientious at brushing his teeth as anyone else.
Having read about butter oil and remineralising toothpastes, and a few other crackpot ideas, I decided to start with butter oil tablets, but no one stocks them in town, apparently. I found these on amazon.

He has been taking 2 a day, most days, for a month. I thought the results would have been more noticeable earlier on, so I also got some clay toothpaste. It doesn’t have the calcium in it like the remineralising recipe, but I need to be realistic about what I will actually make at home. After 2 weeks of the new toothpaste and countless ganders into his mouth (he has 4 loose teeth in a row!), I have noticed improvement in the appearance of his teeth, and Husband agrees. Hooray! They have a dentist appointment in a few weeks, so hopefully by then, his choppers will be super duper healthy and we won’t hear any talk about early intervention techniques, like we did last year (about then 6.5yo needing a visit to the Orthodontist), because that is bullshit.


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