I’m back in business!

On a car trip and the car is full of screams and yells, but that’s okay.  Because two nights ago, I implemented my plan of double-sided tape on something long and thin, and inserted it into the DVD player in the car to retrieve the two pennies 3.5yo had put inside last year. And it worked!! Like a dream, actually. And the next day I saw those two pennies on the dash board and threw them out the window, powah to the peeples! I have taken back the balance of powah in the car and now the children are once again my slaves on long distance drives. Mwuh ha ha ha, mwuh ha ha ha ha, mwuh ha ha ha ha ha ha aha aaaaaaaa choke choke. You get the picture. I could be sipping martinis up here, I am so relaxed, except for the illegal open containers whatever and whatevs. Ahem.
Picture all and sundry in the back seats with their heads turned up to watch whatever shenanigans are onscreen, and little ol’ moi, thinking my uninterrupted thoughts and gazing serenely at the road rage around me. How’s the serenity!


Obviously Husband is driving right now


One thought on “I’m back in business!

  1. Trenie says:

    Good for you, sure wished when I was raising kids I could have had your slant on being allowed to bring up my kids. I did a lot but my husband”s sense of humor was not as “delightful” as your husbands. So wonderful to have a mate with that sensiblity. It makes for a great friendship in the parenting of your delightful children.

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