Summer Camps

It is the 2nd(?) week of school holidays and we are surviving pretty well, so far. The first week was sort of cheating because my parents were visiting and we did a few things out of the ordinary, like (leaving them home all day while I took Mum antique shopping) visiting the water park and what not. Now that my folks have gone, it’s back to the drawing board.
This week we are having our ‘Gardening Camp’, which includes all things outdoorsy like weeding, whining, and lighting fires.


That's a lot of greenery, right thar

Hopefully tomorrow we will get to the planting and nourishing aspects of gardening. I have a long list of possibilities included in our Gardening Camp, some if which are making fairy houses, building more planter boxes, pseudo-paving our fenced garden, adding to the kid’s fort and maybe a zipline? The latter is not as much of a question as I thought it would be.
There are some school camps and a Spies camp, which better deliver as much on the awesome as it has been hyped up to be, and we are off to the boonies next week for some mining of Oregon Sunstone. My Christmas 2014 list should look pretty good after that.
For the most part, though, I think this is where I will be.


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