Kombucha Update


I found out that I need to bottle WITH fruit for extra bubbles, so I tried it with apples and let it ferment a little in the pantry BEFORE putting it in the fridge, and it was awesome! My mum said it was a good alternative to beer, though Husband would beg to differ.
Anyhoo, I tried cucumber but everyone except me knows that vinegar and cucumber equals pickles, so, yeah… The strawberry one was ok and the cherry would have been nicer but it should have fermented longer. So I’m going back to the apple flavour, and am using mason jars instead of bigger bottles because it’s a lot to drink. Plus they look cute.
When we were away, we visited some friends and carb loaded to the bullshit, so we definately need to reset with less sugar now that we are home again home again, jiggety jog. And my scoby Mother is big and beautiful again, too.




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