Going for Broke

Literally, going for broke. I had the bright idea of a Readathon for 7yo, before school starts again in 45 days. He asked and I explained how it works, or sort of works when there is only one participant and the ‘athon’ is done at home. Then he asked for $40, wt? I said no, straight away. But then I countered with 400 books. He said no, straight away, then he reconsidered. I also threw in 500 for $50 etc, and told him how many days are left before school, and therefore how achievable his random $40 would be. Then he read a Flat Stanley book to me on the drive home. Woohoo! I’m definately winning at this stuff.
Shortly before that, though, I suggested that we could get a pool if 3.5yo would only listen to his teacher and get in the gosh darn pool, already. Aside from the combatative preschooler business,  it’s also super frustrating because he used to be such a good swimmer, and that was before his 3rd birthday!
We will definately go broke, sooner rather than later.


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