How wifely am I?

I recently saw the tabulated data that a husband put together showing the excuses his wife gave for not having sex with him. It was sort of hilarious and sort of not, since he was shaming his wife publicly. If it was a tv show then sure, funny as shit because that’s life, but when it’s actually someone’s life, not so much.
Looking through her excuses, some of them sounded familiar and therefore, I have decided to tabulate my own data – not to publicly share and shame – to see how ‘wifely’ I am. It will be interesting if nothing else, but probably more than interesting.
I’ve heard of the ‘beads in a bowl’ or ‘sex for 40 days’ bizzo, but I do like a break sometimes. 40 days sounds like a lot of work. Making a table and a pie chart are more my style. Mmmm, pie.


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