The End of The World

7yo eats really healthy foods, and enjoys raw veg and delicious proteins. But he is a stalwart refuser-guy for trying new foods. We stopped eating boxed cereals a while ago and I tried a few options for fun, real food breakfasts. To no avail. 6yo would happily eat porridge three times a day, 6 days a week, but 7yo will barely look at foods outside of his limited experiences. Infuriating, yes? I have been incrementally including foods that he hasn’t tried, and it’s really only been effective in pissing us both off. Last week 7yo refused to eat a cup of strawberry yogurt. It was seriously, THE dumbest situation ever. Strawberry yogurt, not dog poop laced with strychnine. In the end, or rather, near the end, after he ran off crying and then came back to try again, he was faced with not going on a field trip if he didn’t eat that fucking yogurt. In the end, we had a spoonful each until the damn thing was empty. Now we play the Weird Al song EAT IT almost every meal time to encourage him to eat his food and also to make fun of him, and also to make meal times fun, because that’s what it should be, rather than crying over the ever-loving YOGURT!
I told him tonight, when he rolled his eyes and put his poo boots on because his CHICKEN was touching his LETTUCE, that every wednesday he will have to try a “new food”, read: a food that we have been eating for the last 6 years. Tomorrow, he has the choice of pumpkin soup or more yogurt. He chose the yogurt. Glutton for punishment? Unlikely. He has requested the “white yogurt”, which is 90% the same as the brand that we used to buy a few months ago but has discontinued the vanilla, for reasons unknown. We will see how that goes. It’s “late start Wednesday” tomorrow, so there will be plenty of time for mooning over the yogurt before it’s time to get in the car. Also, all the kids are at school tomorrow, so after I work out my frustration at the gym, I will be free to pull out my hair and roll my eyes to my hearts content.


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