I Want Candy

The boys generally only watch animated stuff on tv or movies. 7yo doesn’t like bad guys, and there are more of those in “real life” shows, so… also, it’s easier to find age appropriate stuff that’s cartoon or computerised or whatever. Whatever. I have been able to find some age appropriate stuff that is “real life” but they are 30 years or so old, and so the boys take a bit of persuading to actually watch them. Of course, when they submit, they really enjoy it. Last year I found a movie about one of Santa’s reindeer being lost and hurt in a country town. At first, the boys weren’t interested, but I assured them that it was that movie or nothing and we all enjoyed it and were eager to finish watching it the following evening.
Tonight, the boys and I watched the Gene Wilder version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Wonka or whatever, and it was all I could do not to talk about how much I wanted chocolate and candy and all sorts of melty, sweety, rubbishy goodness. But now the boys are in bed, and I am free to pine aloud. Because we have none of that here. Woe! So I’m attempting to make some sort of half-assed chocolatey satisfaction by mixing banana and cacao powder, heating, adding marshmallow and crackers. At the very least, it will keep me busy enough until I give up and go to bed if I don’t actually like it.






It was ok, but nothing on Cadbury. I’m going to stick with wine for tonight.

Bottoms up.


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