Good Morning

It’s a lovely morning in the neighbourhood
He’s crying over breakfast like I knew he would.
He’ll waste his time at the table until
I pull all my hair out and I’ve had my fill
Of arguing over food that I know he likes.
I wonder if he’s just doing it for spite.
Finally they’re dressed for school with their teeth and hair brushed,
Husband is home from work so I don’t feel rushed
But the time, it’s still tickin and no one’s in the car
And no one has their lunch except for a cliff bar.
At least, today, everyone will be in school
So that I can nap or sew or watch tv or take a bath or eat the hidden chocolate or try on all my clothes or do some gardening or make MYSELF a microwave chocolate mug cake and not have to share it, and that would all be cool.


One thought on “Good Morning

  1. Trenie says:

    What a great Mom, holding it together until the kids are gone to school then loosing it and reconnecting your thoughts/life to be the perfect Mom upon the arrival of the “apples of your eye” !! 🙂

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