It’s A Cold One

Nothing better on cold nights than snuggling warm. Boys are in bed and I procrastinated long enough in the kitchen, so I’m retiring for the night. Tonight is “the big storm” that will bring the ice, etc, so we bought more wood inside and I’ve loaded the fire and the playroom/kitchen should retain some warmth tomorrow. But the rest of the house is another matter. We don’t “live” in all of our house, all of the time. Our bedroom gets used as a running track any time I let the boys splash water all over my bathroom before I chase them out again, and that’s sort of it for the day times. The boys’ bedroom is upstairs and mostly toy-free to encourage shut up and go to sleep. Our loungeroom is also exclusive of toys, and so the playroom/kitchen is where we gather, also because there are doors to close it off from the rest of the house. So we use the heater and, more recently, the fireplace to warm the place up. It gets pretty roasty toasty at times, and it’s great that it doesn’t dissipate everywhere as we have some seriously high ceilings. Anyhoo,  walking in from the garage or after running through the frigid foyer when the fire is on – just luffly. Post bedtime, however, *shiver*.
My bedroom is currently 51F, earlier tonight it was just 50F. With the potential storm on its way, I won’t be surprised to hit the high 40s. Last year, Husband and I were suffering retchedly because memory foam pillows will cut a bitch when they are stone cold and you pick them up the wrong way! We ended up finding an electric throw which was fine for the couch but perfect for preheating the bed – and pillows! But actually,  it was too small. We have a king bed, and while I obviously love my hunk of a husband, the last thing I want is to be sleeping right next to him, literally *right there*, in a bed the size of our first apartment. So it got kind of cold for one of us eventually. Now, however, cut to the Costco pre-holiday bonanza, and we found a king-sized electric plush blanket! So the end of the bed where our feet will never reach (we are both short) is hotter than the circuit board in my kids’ overplayed leapsters (especially when they play Rescue Bots, nearly 4yo is seriously obsessed with that game). Husband is missing out on this blanket action, so I have rolled myself up in it and expect to overheat during the night and wake up dehydrated because I was so bloody warm during the night. Mmmmmmm, warm.
But what about my arms when I’m reading? The blanket is massive enough for me to practically drape it over my arms while reading! I feel like that should have been written on the box, “great for reading in bed”. Now I just need a straw about a yard in length so I can continuoualy sip my tea, sans arms.


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