Bleak Friday

Happy thanksgiving! Now try to enjoy a long weekend with kids out of their routine.


Big boys slept in until nearly 9am, which was amazing! Usually they don’t make up for lost sleep after a long night. This gives me hope that they will sleep through their teenage years and there will be minimal blow back. Or maybe I will sleep through them, with enough wine. However, nearly 4yo hopped into our bed at 3 am and proceeded to kick Husband in the nads for the next 5 hours, *snicker*.
After a loose breakfast, we watched a marathon of Ninjago. I heart Ninjago! I’m super pleased that I’m now caught up and understand just what the hail was going on. And I’m pumped about the new season! Cut to a while after what should have been lunch time, judging by the amount of jumpiness and fighting on the couch between the natives, and we had the obligatory leftover turkey. But I put a fun spin on mine – I heated up a mug of gravy and put meat chunks inside it! Totes delish. I am wondering how to make the same principle work for dinner, but with wine.


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