LA Traffic

Hauling ass to Disneyland and there have been a few of the obligatory traffic jams, but we left as early as my showering and hair-washing allowed, so we are doing ok. But Husband got me a big tea and now I need to go. It is inevitable that the kids will need to go, or that 4yo will need to change his clothes because he refuses to admit that he also needs to go. It’s also inevitable that Husband doesn’t want to stop driving, since the traffic is light and moving freely, so it’s a good thing I brought the travel potty.
I love the travel potty. We have had it for a few years and the boys have used it semi-regularly and consequently, it has saved us (and the upholstery) many times. But how to use it in a moving bus? Would it be better to set it up on the floor behind the seats? Or on a seat so kids could remain seat-belted? It has an absorbent piece inside the baggies, but what if sitting down makes little tummies more likely to knock one out? Bad news. Of course, there are wipes and what-have-you, but a bouncing bus is not an ideal locale to have to deal with such.
Crisis averted! Husband admits he also needs to pee so we stop and take care of business plus almost a baker’s dozen of hash browns and other assorted menu items, and then scream back onto I5. It was a short break but well needed. It may or may not mean the difference between fast passes for the Cars ride or waiting in line until the park closes before we can get a ride, but at least the bus doesn’t need hosing out just yet.


One thought on “LA Traffic

  1. Trenie says:

    Someday your boys wives will love reading about their husband’s adventures when they were growing up, I’m sure. Keep up the good work…..

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