We made it home from our bus driving holiday, and then we all went our separate ways, thank goodness! 4yo asked us to play with him and he received a round of resounding ‘no’s, poor monkey.
I cleared my head a little by running the push mower over our backyard; Husband did a bit of office work, 8-in-1-week-yo snipped some prickles down near the hideout; 6yo slunk up to the lego room against all admonishment that everyone should go outside, and 4yo played with his duplo downstairs, to be admired by all and sundry passing through the kitchen.
We had left the kitchen in a pigsty, but we literally ran out of time before we drove away after filling the dishwasher already. I was worried about mice because, well, mice! But there has been no evidence in the kitchen, or anywhere, really. But they must have been dissatisfied with the crumbs in the kitchen, because they climbed up in one of the bathrooms and shat on the hand towel, just to show me their disapproval,  little fuckers. So, now I have to put traps around again, and hopefully snap some necks to discourage them from running amok in my domain. Once again, I cannot ascertain where they came from, and why they didn’t just eat the stuff left in the kitchen instead of despoiling my haber-fucking-dashery.
But otherwise, it’s great to be home.


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