Indirect TV

We have given up television, mostly. We have cut off our cable and the boys were sad for a few minutes, and then they remembered the plethora of lego and other forgotten toys that are plastered all over the spare room, and they scattered. Husband and I were less concerned because the few shows that we follow are on free to air channels, and we have been able to watch them online. Except Greys, because that’s on ABC and you have to wait an entire week after the show airs before you can watch it online. What’s up with that? And apparently they don’t keep old episodes on for long, so now I am way behind on Scandal because they took down the episodes I was due to watch. Way to go, ABC.
The show that we are sad to lose is The Americans because WOW, it’s awesome, and because they were just about to welcome Paige into their red commie fold. I have heart palpitations just from the ads for that show, it’s that good! But don’t talk about it since we can’t watch it anymore.
We don’t have Netflix but we do have Amazon Prime, but we don’t have heaps of time to spend in front of the box, so we aren’t really missing it. Also, it’s going to be summer, so, bring on the activities. And also, we have country satellite internet, and even though it’s meant to be good, it’s not that good, so we can’t be downloading or watching online loads of shows. It’s not like we don’t have a shit ton of DVD stashed away, sad and forgotten in the age of clouds and mp3s and whatevers.
Our lives are fuller, though, even if I don’t always have a convenient babysitter, because there will be more opportunities for patience (give it to me NOW), conflict resolution (stop hitting me!), problem solving (he took it from me!) and self confidence (I don’t need your help!). So many ways to grow and learn together! Let the good times roll.


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