Decisions, Decisions

Husband is boozing it up at some beer conference tonight, so I can do whatever I want, so long as it starts at 8pm after the boys are in bed. And I want to do so many things, which means I will probably do nothing. I will be stricken by my indecision and start a project at 10.45, with some super awesome late night movie on in the background. Oh, the procrastination!
When Husband is home we hang out, so when he is away I am usually far more productive. Here is my specific dilemma: Sewing vs Outlander.
I want to sew a new skirt for tea on Sunday; I want to start watching Outlander for many reasons, among them being picking up some local (highly accurate) phrases for when we go to Scotland during Summer, and to check out the (ahem) dresses.
That leaves 1.25 hours for me to procrastinate while the boys are running around, and a further 3 hours before my eyes close against my volition. Hmmm.


That basket is full of quilting pieces, not laundry

It’s not like I don’t have the equipment literally lying around, as well as many, many other things, obviously.

I want a new skirt
I have fabric screaming to be made into something cute
The boys have been banished outside

I will have to clean off the table. And possibly other work surfaces.
I will then have to deal with dinner dishes
I might as well do some laundry, probably multiple loads
Oh, I forgot about making school lunches for tomorrow
Tidying up will make me consider the two hanging halloween ghosts that really should be put away

Husband just rang to (rub it in) check in before he gets wasted for the night, so I’m going to eat his chocolate and worry about the rest later, post tea and vodka.


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